District III Leadership Training Workshop

Saturday, September 8, Phi Theta Kappa members from six Texas chapters - representing six different countries - came together for leadership training, hands-on 5-Star training for members and Advisors, fellowship, food, and fun, hosted by the Alpha Omicron chapter at Tyler Junior College. Even though most colleges in Texas are just nine days into a busy fall semester, Advisors and members from Upsilon Rho (Angelina), Iota Alpha (TVCC), Zeta Omicron (Navarro), Gamma Omicron (Kilgore), Zeta Sigma (Texarkana) and Alpha Omicron (TJC) contributed to lively discussion on leadership topics including meeting preparation, agenda planning, best activities to engage members, public speaking, and the value of small group sessions. Almost everyone was able to accomplish portions of the 5-Star Competitive Edge program for members or the brand new 5-Star Advisor Training with those who had already completed the training putting what they'd learned to good use helping others. The Texas Region is divided into five Districts. District Three stretches across the East Texas "Pine Curtain" from Texarkana to Tyler to Waco, encompassing seventeen chapters. Chapters are still anywhere from one to four hours apart within District III, and even further apart for District one, covering West Texas.